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TestoRoid Combo

Testoroid Combo consists of TestoRoid EX which is a very strong testosterone booster and TestoRoid 320 which is a Testosterone booster and an amazing estrogen blocker.

TestoRoid Combo offers you both fantastic products at a very reasonable price and will give you explosive results without putting your health at risk.

This duo is one of the best on the market. (Please see full details below for each product).

TestoRoid EX


Extreme Testo Booster is a new generation Testosterone booster which dramatically increases testosterone levels if taken as directed. Single dose can increasTestosterone levels in your body by as much as 4mg within 24 hours after intake.

Extreme Testo Booster increases naturally LH production, which in return stimulates own Testosterone production. This anabolic process increases muscle size, strength and libido 100% Naturally. The Natural extracts in Extreme Testo Booster are more powerful than Tribulus Terrestris or any other Natural supplement available on the market. To create this product the newest technological processes have been instigated.



The very first benefit of using Extreme Testosterone booster is that you’ll notice a vast improvement in your gym performance. You’ll see your strength levels go up, your endurance levels increase, and you will see enhancements in terms of your rate of muscle gain, assuming you’re using a proper diet and training program.



You will also find that you recover faster from each session that you do while on Extreme Booster, meaning you can get back into the gym sooner and train more and get results much faster.

The second big benefit that you will get from Extreme Testosterone booster is enhanced body composition. You will experience an increased metabolic rate along with the new lean muscle mass you are building while on Extreme booster, and your body will be better equipped to burn fat as a fuel source while preserving lean muscle mass while dieting. This will create a brand new you, leaner and more muscular.

The third benefit of using Extreme Booster is increased testosterone levels and libido. If you’ve been having some issues concerning your desire for sex lately, Extreme Testosterone booster will fix this in a hurry. Additionally it can also enhance sexual performance and stamina, so it will make any bedroom session that much more enjoyable.


Extreme Testo Booster increases naturally LH production, which in return stimulates own Testosterone production. This anabolic process increases muscle size, strength and libido 100%Naturally


1 capsule per day 30 minutes before training or 2 caps per day 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner for people who undertake heavy/professional workouts. On non-training days take 1 capsule after breakfast.

36 capsules / 670mg

Please allow 2 weeks off after each course. This will prevent your body getting immune to the ingredients

Extreme Testosterone Booster is a very powerful product. Please do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

TestoRoid 320

TestoRoid 320 was designed to increase Growth Hormone (GH) levels and block estrogen simultaneously. This results in a lean, hard, muscular look, and increase strength with higher energy levels. TestoRoid 320 is an effective pure active compound that promotes an overall increase in GH and Testosterone levels which are important for lean muscle, vibrant energy, and sexual health. But that’s not all:

Most testosterone boosters claim to raise your “testosterone”; testosterone is a broad term. Raising total testosterone is not very helpful by itself, because the body needs testosterone in a “free” or “unbound” state to use it effectively for lean muscle mass and strength gains. The problem is that most men have plenty of total testosterone, but their free state testosterone is on the low side. SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) keeps your body’s testosterone locked up for potential use at a later time, but most men do not release enough of this bound testosterone naturally to make great gains.

That is why we designed TestoRoid 320 to help your body produce more total testosterone and keep estrogen low, while simultaneously helping to unbind your existing testosterone by limiting SHBG in your system. The manner in which this formula operates hampers many of the side effects that were common with synthetic and older natural based testosterone enhancer use. So if you are looking to increase your free testosterone level and your strength in the gym, TestoRoid 320 is the way to go. This formula’s potent extracts act in unison to help ignite your body’s own mechanism and boost your testosterone for turning bound (useless) into free (useful) testosterone that is needed for muscle growth and power. This extra power translates into greater lifts and muscle growth.

1 Month Supply

  • Increased Energy,
  • Endurance & Stamina • Potent Estrogen Blocker
  • Supports Lean, Hard, Muscular Look
  • Stimulates Sexual Drive & Sense of Well-Being


1 capsule 30 minutes before training. On non-training days take 1 capsule after breakfast. 30 Caps (1 Month Supply).

Please allow 2 weeks off after each course. This will prevent your body getting immune to the ingredients.

4 reviews for TestoRoid Duo

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    After searching for a safe solution to treat low testosterone levels my husband decided on TestoRoid. He has been taking it for a month and has already begun to notice it’s positive benefits. His energy levels have increased and his libido has been rekindled. Because of TestoRoid, our relationship has taken a positive up swing and his day job has also improved. He feels stronger and can work longer without getting as tired as he once did. We can say this product truly works and is a definite must for anyone suffering from low testosterone who wants a natural solution.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Really impressed with this order. I mean i was expecting good results but my mind is actually blown. I’ve been able to do more reps and have had the energy to stay in the gym longer!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Grainger

    Right I have tried a lot of stuff and some of the stuff worked but only to a point. Came across this frp, Testoroid on Amazon as i had reached a plateau and needed a boost. At my age you always worry the body will reject it as well but WOW going into my second lot the gains and the weight loss with the shredding is unreal. At last I have found something that has really made a difference. My energy at my workouts has increased immensely as the reps now I am enjoying. Power and stamina has increased by a lot and the PT’s have asked at the gym what’s the difference as they are noticing whilst training their clients.
    Really will be sticking with this product for a while now.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great product and value for money !!!

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