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Precision Engineered Blood  Amino’s

Our Amino Acids contain a balanced blend of free form and peptide bond amino acids and have been formulated to offer optimum utiltisation. Amino Acids are the main constituents of protein and is essential to achieve maximum benefit in Body-Building

There is no other product available that will match the quality of amino acids that TestoRoid  contains.  TestoRoid Blood Amino’s was designed for all bodybuilders, sports people and atheletes. The fact that TestoRoid Blood Amino is derived from blood makes this product unique in purety, quality and strength. No other product will be more absorbed and give better results than TestoRoid Blood Amino. Testoroid Blood Amino is a new generation amino acid preparation derived from animal blood Plasma. Because it is derived from blood, its purity is superior to any other amino acid available on the market. This product was developed by authentic Scientists (Ph.D. of biochemistry)The product has been tested and passed the highest British standards. TestoRoid Blood Amino is an ideal supplement during the time of increased forcible efforts, but also during training breaks.

TestoRoid Blood Amino is an excellent anti-catabolic aid. It also assists fat loss. We at TestoRoid are dedicated to find you products that really do work, and are of the highest quality. Our aim is to deliver to our customers the best products possible. We don’t just decide to sell a product because it makes good profit, like so many other sellers on eBay.  TestoRoid is not just an eBay shop, we are all professional bodybuilders and we have tried almost every product on the market. We know what it means to buy a product, pay a lot of money and feel fooled. We mean what we write! Our products are the cheapest on eBay, but only because you do not pay for the name or packaging. You are paying for the quality of the contents. If you want flashy packaging and lots of small talk then you are looking at the wrong eBay shop. We at TestoRoid concentrate on the ingredients, where our products where developed and by whom. We want to know the whole story. We test our products first, and if they really do what they promise, only then we offer these products to our customers.

Dosage: 2 caps a day 40 min before Training. On non Training days 2 caps in the morning after breakfast.


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